2015 has passed us by and we are now entering into the new year of 2016. If we are not careful, we will subtly find ourselves mentioning that time is slipping by, with no past remembrance of one moment to the next. The nature of ourselves is built upon a core desire to grow and advance, accomplishing one goal so that we can move on to the other. All the while, never transitioning from one moment of time into the other, causes life’s moments to blur together. Let’s look into this closer by asking yourself these few  questions Pay attention to the length of time it takes to answer:

  1. Looking back to the year 2012 what stands out most to me?
  2. In 2014 what was my biggest accomplishment?
  3. Last year, what skills and talents did I acquire that helped me get to where I am now?

If any of these questions took more than a few moments to answer then developing a discipline of remembrance is in order.

Defining the Word Remember

The word remember in the Hebrew language is Zakar. One of its prime definitions is to mark (so as to be recognized), that is, to remember; by implication, to mention. So to remember means to make mention of the past, and to mark the events so it can be recognized at future times. 

There were numerous times in history that God told the children of Israel to remember how He had led them out of Egypt, through the wilderness, and into the promise land. Over and over, the leaders of the Old Testament would recite the victories of past seasons with their commanders and children.

God would also have the children of Israel place stones placed in certain areas where there was a victory, or a crossing over, into a better future. He did all this because if we do not remember our milestones, we will soon forget where we came from, and not be able to understand where we are going.

Taking time to think

Looking Back on 2015

Take some time and truly look back at 2015 which is now behind us. Write down three milestones that you had that are memorable to you. This could be personal, work related, or something that strongly stands out to you as a demarcation of the year.

Its good to write these down, and then look back at them at the end of the following year. Soon you will begin to develop a discipline of remembrance. Once you tap into the power of remembering, you will likely do it more than once a year.

“Remember his awesome deeds that he has done, his wonders and the judgments he declared.”
– Psalm 105:5

Looking Forward to 2016

Abundant Life Church Focus Clear DirectionSo here is to 2016. A new year, and a fresh start. Be sure to define your direction for this year. Focus on what you want to see come to pass, and do not lose sight of the vision. God has a lot in store for those who will commit to his purpose, knowing that the right direction for our lives is truly following His direction.

God loves to see us achieve success and grow. His very nature is to take us from desolation into determination. So go out there and own 2016, but be careful not to forget the road  behind you.

“For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.” – Philippians 2:13